Prior to Working With A Realtor, Ask Them This….

By: Nancy Che Personal Real Estate Corporation

Prior to Working With A Realtor, Ask Them This….

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You just got an accepted offer on your home and a week later, you realize the buyers are not qualified and the sale goes bust! Could this have been avoided? Of course! 

Your REALTOR® neglected to put in the time or effort to review your multiple offer situation in detail leaving you without a sale, more time sitting on the market, and less interest from buyer or even worse, your realtor didn’t review the offers and simply selected the first one, losing you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prior to working with a
REALTOR®, You need to ask them how they deal with multiple offer situations. This is what they should be doing. 

  1. Reading through every offer carefully 
  2. Calling all the realtors you have buyers making offers to make sure they are qualified 
  3. Reviewing the best offers with you because you are the key to the process. 

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